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ISBN# (10): 0979794609/ (13): 9780979794605
January 2008 for E-Book/March 2008 Paperback
Resplendence Publishing
E-Book and Paperback
$7.95 E-Book and $19.99 Paperback
293 Pages
Romance/Contemporary/Not erotic
Rating: 5 Cups

Claiming the Legend by Janet Eaves

Jill Post is in danger. She is on the run where she will either be saved or end up dead. With only one thing left to do, she changes her name to Lily, her profession and her residence.

Coach Jim Hood has not lost a baseball game and did not plan to. Even with some precarious students, one in particular, the Dragons plan to hold their lead. When Lily moves to town, she is the type of woman who reminds a man he is a man.

Jill takes on the name of Lily Peach and moves to the quaint town of Legend, Tennessee. After witnessing the horrors and experiencing loss, this town was almost as if living in Mayberry. This time she would make it work and open a small store and do what it took to blend in. If they found her, they would make her pay. She would learn to live in anger and fear to succeed. When she meets Suzie Schul, the proprietor of the B&B, she finds Suzie exceptional, and, in time, a great friend. Then she meets Jim, and her whole world seems more challenging. Jim is a hometown boy at heart. Coaching kids is his passion. He believes Lily is carrying baggage but trying to gather any information from her, is like pulling teeth. When her nightmares grow worse, Lily must open up and tell Jim and Suzie the truth, but will they stand by her or throw her to the wolves?

I liked the suspense that edged on in Claiming the Legend. The characters blended well with each other and the way the town comes together to aid one another is wonderfully created. Janet Eaves sketches two sides to Lily that gives the reader more insight to her as a person. The layer of expressions portrayed on these players is excellent.

Midnight in Legend, TN by Magdalena Scott

Midnight Shelby finds herself divorced after twenty years, and to make matters worse, her ex, Jeff, wanted to do all the paperwork. Midnight wises up and gets her a good attorney who takes Jeff to the cleaners.

Martin McClain is a realtor who helps Midnight get situated in her new surroundings. He has sworn off women forever but there is something about this gal that puts a spark in his step.

Midnight never imagined she would be divorced after twenty years. The best thing out of it was the woman lawyer who made sure she ended up with a bundle. After an internet search for a quaint town, Midnight moves to Legend, TN, and finds the perfect peace she seeks. It is for certain a great escape from the big life. Now everything is simple and to her liking. Not to mention the great friend she finds in Suzie. She believes finding a voodoo doll, at one of the little markets, along the highway, is even better as she finds the perfect spot to inject the sharp pin many times. Martin is a simple man, salt of the earth. He finds her breathtaking but is done with women, or so he says. While Midnight sets up her arts and crafts shop, Legend by Starlight, the growing attraction with her and Martin slowly grows. Martin is intrigued with Midnight, even his thirteen-year-old son, Daniel, loves being around her. Can Midnight show everyone she has a head for business to help the town grow?

This story had me in stitches. The minute the voodoo doll was brought up, and the reaction with Martin, was hilarious. I loved the theme of this whole storyline. The electric characters of Midnight and Martin were enough to engage me and keep me reading this superb tale. Midnight in Legend by Magdalena Scott is one read I will not forget.

Bed, Breakfast, and You, by Maddie James

Suzie Schul is the owner of Legends B&B. She holds many passions, from cooking, teaching, writing a cookbook and decorating. She has lived in Legend and will die there. She did leave for culinary school for two years where she ended up meeting Brad, who rocked her world.

Brad Matthews runs the Mountain View Hotel outside of Gatlinburg. He met Suzie while she attended some culinary training, and was impressed with her style, not to mention the sparks that flew between them.

Suzie has been through some rough times, one being her ex running off with her baby sister. That had been fourteen years ago and the hurt still trampled on her heart, not to mention how the gossip had simmered in the small town. When Brad rolls into town on his bike, she is in shock. Eighteen months it had been since she had seen him and the lust feeling was still there. She wants him desperately but must stamp no on her heart. Brad is happy to see Suzie again, and even though they have little minor run-ins, the sparks are still there, no matter how hard she tries to push him away. When she learns he wishes to buy some of the land to make a huge resort, fireworks really explode. As much as she may care for Brad, the town of Legend is more important than anything. She feels betrayed in the worse way. Can the two find a happy medium to bring them back together?

I love stories by Maddie James. She creates vibrant characters and lively situations, and this story is no different. The banter and little creative out-takes between the two is great. The part where they were having a small discussion at the lake was really fantastic. Bed, Breakfast, and You, is a fast-moving read that really hooks the reader. Ms. James makes me want to move to Legend.

The Reunion Game, by Jan Scarbrough

Jane Smith had thought about Graham for fifteen years but she never thought she was as sexy as her twin sister, Dawn, to attract any man. Now she intends to pull a switch to see if her theory is true.

Graham Winchester was senior class president, debate team captain, yearbook staff member and valedictorian, not to mention most likely to succeed. Too bad others did not see that he turned out to be a fake.

It was fifteen years ago but being in the back seat of the Chevy with Graham was something that Jane never forgot. Yet Jane feels like she will never be as sexy and alluring as her twin, Dawn, who oozed with sensuality, so she became an English teacher. Graham is a confirmed bachelor and feels like everyone thought he would make it huge with everything he had going in school, but rather he feels like a phony. When Graham returns to Legend, Jane believes the only way to hookup with him is to have Dawn trade places with her. Fortunately, Graham cannot be fooled that easily and he intends to play his on game with Jane. She may be the most stubborn woman he has ever met, but he will do anything to keep her by his side. Can he ever forgive her for changing places with her sister just to get him in the bedroom, or is their relationship doomed from the start?

I liked The Reunion Game. There were qualities in Jane that many women have felt one time or another, as well as with Graham. Jan Scarbrough paints convincing characters that reach out and touch the reader in some way. This flowing read is really delightful. I look forward to more stories by Ms. Scarbrough.

Ladies of Legend: Finding Home are four terrific stories by four great talented women. I like the way the ladies are not all young spring gals but instead mature ladies. These delightful stories are sure to please any reader. The banter, wit and simmering romance adds to some great creativity behind the minds of four gifted artists. I was spellbound with every turn of the page. The story allows the reader to feel a part of Legend, TN and it is such a lovely town that just blooms with love everywhere the ladies of Legend step. Whatever you do, do not miss this extraordinary read that is a rare and precious gem indeed!

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