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ISBN#: 9781606011448
January 2009
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
131 Pages
Erotic Romance/Fantasy/Vampires/Werewolves
Rating: 4 Cups

Nicollo Javonte is caught fornicating with a Pharoah’s daughter. His punishment is death; however, the sorceress ordered to execute him finds herself unable to follow through. Instead she curses him to live with a vampire’s desire until such a time as he can find the girl with the crimson ribbon who is meant to love him and release him from the power of the Shen.

Lady Surrenda de Quan has no idea that her encounter with the arrogant Prince of Blood, Nicollo, will end her life and send her through time into the future. With no memories of how she came to crave the taste of blood, Surrenda becomes Lady Evil and hones her talent as an entertainer. There is a longing in her soul for something, but she is unable to remember the feelings she once felt for Nicollo.

Nicollo Javonte has discovered that the love that he needs is lying at his feet with a red ribbon in her hair. Once again Nicollo and Surrenda meet up in modern-day New York. Together they have the power to end the curse if only they are strong enough to grab hold of each other and hang on.

From the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the streets of modern-day New York, Audrey Goodwin encompasses the globe and crosses the span of time. Nicollo is written in such a way as to garner compassion despite the inhumane way in which he takes lives. The contrast between Nicollo, as the male vampire, and Surrenda, as the female vampire, left the impression that she was more compassionate and humane. The jumps in time were rather hard to follow and made it difficult to really understand how Nicollo became so completely unfeeling.

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