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ISBN# 978-1-935013-66-2
December 2008
Freya’s Bower
29 pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Giana Valerio is amazed at the sight before her. A huge murder of crows is flying straight for her apartment building.

Ashtalon is Sluagh and has come to claim the soul of Giana. He is not sure yet of the when, but it will be soon.

Giana cannot believe this crow has morphed into a man right before her eyes, and is now claiming to be here to take her soul. As an uneasy truce settles between these two, they spend the time more as strange room-mates rather then sluagh and human. As Giana’s time grows near, a passion grows between them that they cannot ignore. But will her death be the end or the beginning?

With a creepy feel, and a sure known negative outcome, you start this book feeling like you all ready know the ending. But this story has a few surprises in store for the reader. This tale turned out to be a delectable little treat to read. Last Chance Upon a Murder will leave you with a sense of hope and wonder for what is in store of Giana.

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