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ISBN# (10): 042521995X/ (13): 978-0425219959
April 1, 2008
Berkley Trade (Penguin Books USA)
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
296 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Francesca Melisenda Alejandra Marinelli, Cesca, for short, spent two centuries underground. Thanks to a petite blonde dynamo by the name of Maggie O'Halloran, she was finally freed, making Cesca truly grateful.

Deke Saber is a preternatural crimes special investigator from Daytona. He is called in to investigate after a dead body is found. He does not believe that Cesca is as rough and tough as she makes out to be.

Cesca is glad for Maggie and her friendship. Now as a guide with the Old Coast Ghost Walk in St. Augustine, after two hundred years, she seeks some male companionship. One thing she enjoys is the Wal-Mart that is opened for 24 hours, so she can shop at night. She does get many questions if she is really a vampire during her ghost tours. When she stumbles upon a dead body, her life becomes more enlightened after Saber enters. Cesca finds Saber sexy as all get out, a hot hunk with an incredible package, until he speaks and she thinks he could use an attitude adjustment. Saber believes her rough and tough character is overrated, but the more time they are together, fireworks explode between them. Nothing goes right anymore when he sweeps into her life. He is there to watch her back because no matter what she may think, Cesca may have someone keeping an even closer eye on her, which calls for a bit more investigation on his part.

La Vida Vampire is a picturesque read that is quite entertaining. It flows smoothly and is easy on the eyes. I enjoyed meeting all the characters and loved the conversation between Cesca and Saber. I could almost visualize the scenes with Cesca when she takes her ghost tours. Her second life, when she is brought to surface, is exciting to say the least. I adored her comments about her all night shopping. Nancy Haddock spins a great read that I found remarkably done. She instills romance between Cesca and Saber, while adding some wonderful wit along the way, to make this story high on the charts to read.

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