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ISBN# (10): 1-59431-498-5/ (13): 978-1-59431-498-5
September 2007
Write Words Inc
426 Pages
Non Fiction - Self Help/How To
Rating: 4 Cups

To have your book sell, one cannot sit it on the shelf and stop there. There are many promotional tactics that one can use to get their name and book out to the public. The basic guidelines for promotion will help aid the author and guide them to the right place to get their book on the market.

With the flip of each page, the reader learns when to start promoting, along with the creation of blogging, brainstorming with others, and a mountain of valuable outlets that have exercises and plans to go by. There is even a checklist to evaluate and compare publicists. Ms. Leigh does a thorough search to get many enlightening data across to the author, discussing the e-book and print on demand books, along with review sites.

Inside the pages, you will learn how to overcome fear of rejection while incorporating steps about marketing and keeping an open mind about all promotion. Most of all, one should try some simple things instead of overstretching possibilities with so many promotional tactics that can spread a person thin. The first book is only the beginning of many increased opportunities for the author.

I believe Learning the Basics of Book Promotion is a great asset to anyone. There are many chapters loaded with information facts that even had me surprised with ideals that I was not aware. Very informative, educational, and comes highly recommended from this reviewer. Nikki Leigh has worked in promotion and marketing for over fifteen years and, as an author, has learned many outlets in promotion to pass on to others. This basic book of promotion is the first in a series and is greatly beneficial.

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