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ISBN# 978-1-59632-353-7
November 7, 2006
$ 7.99
178 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Grace Addison always had a childhood crush on Nick Morelli but circumstances in her life detour to another route when she loses her mother.

Nick Morelli, a former Atlanta police detective, suffers much with the loss of his partner but one night with Grace and he cannot get her out of his mind.

Grace has suffered much with a father who beat her and a mother with bipolar. Unable to adequately care for her mother, she placed her in an institution. After her mother dies, Grace discovers some letters and a diary that causes curiosity. The night of her mother’s death, she meets someone that favors a boy she had a crush on in school. They spend the night together then the next day, Grace is off to the small town, outside of Savannah, where she was raised, hoping to unlock the secrets. After Nick lost a partner in a tragic shooting, it left him with mental and emotional trauma. He tries his best to overcome his pain. Grace enters town and the minute she sees Nick, the fireworks explode between them, but they both have a hurt they must try to heal.

Legacy is filled with mystery and intrigue not to mention a heart-tugging struggle of a young girl trying to accept her mother’s condition. Grace and Nick have more than a steamy passion for each other. They have a love that lives forever if they can only get through their troubled past. Watching Grace mature into womanhood, and become strong defeating her past, and Nick overcoming the trauma was a remarkable read. Flesa Black paints a dark story that touches the reader with characters whose emotions lace through the pages. She pens one extraordinary intense read that is wonderfully detailed.

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