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ISBN# 978-1-60394-148-8-E Book/978-1-60394-Print
June 2008
New Concepts Publishing
5202 Humphreys Road, Lake Park, Georgia, 31636
E Book/Print
$5.50-E Book/$9.59-Print
131 pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Anya Rambo is a doctor on a space station. She rarely has anything more pressing to do than to brush off her commander and his sexual advances. When the ship gets an unwelcome surprise, Anya finds herself drawn to the alien vessel. But will she be able to handle what is inside?

Legion has traveled for a long time and has come a very long way to find civilization. He considers himself lucky to have found intelligent beings. When he finds Anya, he knows he has found his mate. But will she accept him once she knows what he really is?

Anya does not know what it is about the vessel that crashed into their space station but as soon as she realizes she is not the only one on board having erotic dreams about the same man, she begins to wonder. When they return to earth, she does not expect Legion to be there, nor does she expect to find he has a twin brother, Zavier. Both Legion and Zavier want her as their mate and just need her to accept them both. But after the destruction they caused in the city, will the military hunting them force them to leave her or by some miracle will they be able to stay?

I honestly was not able to get into this book. It started off slow and never picked up pace. Though the storyline is good, I felt the author could have done more to hold the readers attention. The sex scenes were good, but the rest of the book seemed to be more of a filler leading up to the sex. I would suggest this book only if you are into futuristic stories.

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