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ISBN# 978-1-906328-94-8
January 2008
Total E-Bound Books
78 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Jason Culver is the eighth Marquess of Romley. He hires a nanny after the death of his wife. He never realized the nanny would create so much passionate heat in his heart.

Alicia Alton is thrilled when Jason hires her. The salary is generous and evenings free, when the children retire, but falling madly in love with her boss was not part of the deal.

Jason finds Alicia competent and beautiful, which makes his brother, Vincent, wonder why he does not seduce Alicia. Jason believes, while living in his household and caring for his children, she is under his protection. Alicia finds her employer polite, intelligent and perfectly unattainable. As a rich and attentive father, no matter how much she has fallen in love with Jason, she does not stand a chance with him. Since the death of his wife, Jason has been a dutiful father. Even though their marriage had been arranged, he had grown to love her. With Alicia, he desires her more than life. When his late wife’s spinster cousin arrives, Jason and Alicia must refrain from any foolish surprise meetings. Alicia wonders if she were to marry Jason, will people think he has married beneath himself.

I really thought Less Than Honorable was a delightful read. The charming characters made the story come alive. Everything is so visual it was like a movie coming to life. The way Jason and Alicia share their feelings with each other is quite convincing. I thought Vincent was a great secondary character. Emma Wildes spins a romance in true form. The way she pens the players in the story, it is hard for them not to grow on the reader. Well-written, romantic, and delicately told, this is a gratifying read I fell in love with. It has an ending that soars.

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