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ISBN# None Available
July 2006
eXtasy Books
54 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Grace loves Simon, and will do anything to keep their marriage together until tragedy strikes.

Simon has a love for Grace that consumes his thoughts, even when she is no longer around.

Lucy Landers, a woman who will stop at nothing to get Simon.

Grace has an all consuming love for Simon that extends beyond words, doing anything to keep him happy. She never wishes her rival, Lucy, to get her hands on her husband. After finding Simon with Lucy, she does not know how to react. Surely this is not real. Then she begins to see through the haze and realizes it is not an act, it is genuine but Grace is not a part of Simon’s life anymore and when she finally recalls the memories, she realizes she never was able to say goodbye to her one true love. Now given the chance, she must confront her fears and say goodbye to Simon forever. She would love to recall the past and change things, but it is too late. Simon misses Grace and only uses Lucy to release his frustrations. When he realizes he needs to move on, he learns the love he and Grace shared is what can help him get on with the future, as they both learn to let go and say goodbye to the past.

Let Me Say Goodbye is a poignant story that touches the heart and gives the reader much thought. Grace and Simon are both likeable characters that keep the pages turning and one cannot help but feel all their sensations. Ms Brown pens a delightful tale that is heart-warming. I found myself reaching for tissues in this magnificent read that is a treasured winner. This is an enjoyable tale with an ending that makes the heart leap for joy.

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