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ISBN# 9781847285195
September 2006
LULU Publishing
E-Book /Print
204 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Kaya More is unhappy about the banning of rock and roll music. Gathering a group of people she calls the LUPO, she strikes back against the unfair laws to incorporate music once again.

Judah Arnold will stop rock and roll music at any cost. Forming the PARR, People Against Rock and Roll, he pulls all stops to keep the ban.

Kaya intends to bring back rock and roll music. She does not believe what others say about it being harmful to the soul. With her gift of second sight, she begins the Let Us Play Organization to regain the magic of music. Judah Arnold is Kaya’s adversary in the music world. His organization believes that rock and roll music stems from Satan and disrupts the minds of the young. But some believe they only wish to control the people and not really protect the people. With radio stations and other places banned from playing any form of rock and roll music, the future does not look bright for anyone when huge corporations begin losing money. After Judah enacts a devious plan against a major band at a sold out event, only time will tell if the two groups can find a happy medium as Kaya’s battle begins.

Let Us Play is a well-written, engaging page-turner. The characters have mixed feelings for rock and roll music; some believing it harmful. This meaningful read allows the reader to see both views of the groups and how some people will stop at nothing to have things go their way. I admired the strong vigor of Kaya. Ms. Magill pens a thought-provoking read with a great plot and well-developed, robust characters. Her stories have a way of reaching out, and this one is no exception in this hands down five cup rare read!

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