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ISBN: 1-58608
December 2008
New Concepts Publishing
172 Pages
Paranormal / Futuristic
Rating: 4 Cups

Holding on to secrets is second nature for Prime Healer Lexa Stoll, but holding on to her heart is another matter altogether. She tried to give her heart to Hane two years ago, but now she would give her life if she could only save his.

Being a mutant is all Hane has ever known, but his mutation is slowly suffocating the life out of him. He may now command respect as the Captain of the Alliance Guard, but he grew up as nothing more than a lab specimen.

Time is running out for Hane, and Lexa is near her wit’s end on how to treat his mutation. She will do everything in her power to keep the man she loves alive, even if he rejects her at every turn. As Lexa works miracles on Hane’s condition, Hane is fighting to keep Lexa out of the clutches of the same madman who tortured him while growing up. The closer they work together, the harder it is for Lexa and Hane to deny the bond that connects them mind, body, and soul.

This has all of the aspects of a fantasy fairy-tale wrapped up in a futuristic time frame, and amazingly enough it works quite well. Lexa and Hane are perfectly suited, well developed, and sassy as well as sexy. However, the horses may be somewhat over the top, and give the story a fantastical feel. This is part of a series, but it is a great read on its own, and I expect the next book to be just as fun.

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