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ISBN#: (10)0974889911/(13)9780974889917
February 2007
Streetcar Books
Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania 18934
589 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Annie d’Inard is trying to accept the fact she has tested positive for the HIV virus. It is bad enough that the memory of a rape in her freshman year of college still plagues her, but now she must share this information with her husband, thus tearing her marriage apart.

Andrew Gordon is about to face a crisis with his wife, when Annie comes to visit. Janet Stuart-Gordon is trying to keep her family together and does not need an old love interest to come into their home.

Annie is troubled over the present situation with the HIV virus. She is not the only one distraught. Her thoughts turn to Andrew and the love they once shared. After separating from her husband, Mike, she decides to visit Andrew, which does not sit too well with his wife, Janet. Janet allows Annie to stay in their home but any secret rendezvous or sneaking around the house to be with Andrew is off limits. Janet informs Andrew that he will sleep in the bed with her. They are still married. She will not allow their children to witness any of his infidelity. Annie only wishes to spend a little time with Andrew. She can understand the situation in which she places Janet but this is necessary to see whether the love she and Andrew once held for each other is still there. As for Andrew, Annie was the one who should have been his wife, but circumstances changed all that. He wonders if he can alter what was supposed to be.

Lies and Liberation: The Rape of Europa is a compelling read. The scenes between Annie and Janet are nail-bitingly intense. One can almost see the expressions layer their faces as they fight for the man they both love. This is an intense read I found hard to let go, and the ending has me patiently on hold for more. Barbara Berot is a great storyteller, spinning a tale that absorbs the reader and does not let go until long after the book is finished. I am still in awe of this magnificent novel. There is so much content inside, it carries the reader into a mind-blowing read.

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