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ISBN: 0-446-57823-1
November 2005
Time Warner Book Club, Walk Worthy Press
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$21.95 U.S./$29.95 Canada
169 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Minister Gloria P. Pruett takes a stand and presents the ABC’s of Praise. She illustrates praise in a way that helps readers find a path to discipline themselves in serving God. By using her own testimony with examples demonstrating her personal method, and exercises showing others how to discipline themselves and get more from daily prayer time, she has created a plan to help any age.

Ms. Pruett shares her experiences when she first started attending church and what she was told growing up with religion. In her teachings she expresses how she had not been properly taught to worship, but after careful searching she made her own discovery and used the information to her advantage. From all her teachings she shares with readers what she refers to as her testimony, and how the instructions with her personal knowledge has allowed her to become stronger as she proclaims her zeal, desires and fears, along with distress to her Maker.

Lift Up Your Hands is a book that the reader suddenly feels mesmerized once they start reading. It opens the heart and makes the reader feel closer to God as they offer praises. By explaining the simple basics to praise God and feel good about it allows the reader to see how this teaching can be most beneficial. Some have become so frustrated when they feel as if God does not hear their prayer. This book teaches strength, love, and true devotion not only to God but also to Christians all over.

Ms. Pruett has penned a refreshing book that many could definitely use in these often trying and frustrating times. It is a wonderful read for any time, even when you are feeling down and alone in the world. I like the way she created pages where the reader can make their own notes of ABC praises of life as if to follow the closure of their own life. Ms. Pruett demonstrates how to produce a balance in one’s life and find that eternal happiness.

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