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ISBN# 978-1-55487-241-1
February 14, 2009
Devine Destinies
334 pages
Humor, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Futuristic
Rating: 4 Cups

Lila Luminosity is trying to finish the deadline for the paper. Working with Intercity News and Burger Barn, she finds keeping a bag of chocolate kisses handy and shopping at Neiman Marcus for shoes is often relaxing.

Buster Balls is a great crime fighter. He has an intriguing job, then sometimes he is only arresting the usual space garbage. He has been known to settle some of the high-profile murders that get the media racing.

Lila looks forward to joining her friends at a chic hotel bar on Thursday nights and having a double appletini to release the stress and unwind. She does not enjoy the constantly nagging from her mother about her whereabouts or being picky about choosing the right man. When her boss is murdered, Lila connects with Buster, who has bedroom eyes that can make a woman swoon. Buster, known for solving some amazing crimes, begins dating Lila as they work on solving the crime. When another murder takes place, could Buster be hiding something from Lila?

I have to say Lila Luminosity and the Lipstick Murders sent this reader on a whirlwind adventure that not only kept Lila on her toes but kept this reader glued to the events that continue to spin around the characters. Her mother is something else. I have to say there were times I could relate to Lila when the story circled around her mother. Love the part about the Milky Way Mall, and the little itch that Lila has a tendency to get. Her visits to purchase shoes had its moments, too. With fascinating characters, and secondary ones that added the right amount of seasoning to the pot, Norma Zager spins an absorbing read, making Lila and Buster a wonderful detective team.

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