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Vicki Gaia
ISBN: 1-59998-046-0
March 2006
Samhain Publishing
252 Pages
Romantic Mainstream, 20th Century Historical Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Kenneth Hailey is a conformist who hides behind his glasses and conventional clothes. He has the attitude that anything can be deciphered in a realistic matter. When he leaves home, he learns that the year 1967 is full of surprises, especially with a girl named Rose.

Rose Red is a free spirited flower girl who enjoys trying new things, even smoking a little weed if need be when centered around her friends. After her chance encounter meeting with Kenneth, who prefers never to be called Ken, she sets out to loosen him up and bring out that stuffy pose he carries around.

Kenneth is surprised when his fiancée leaves him for his best friend, so he heads to the West Coast and meets Rose, a very unusual girl. Rose finds the reserved Kenneth a challenge as she sets to slacken his ways. She has an off and on again relationship with Mark, of whom Kenneth believes is a complete jerk, but after meeting Kenneth they become closer and Kenneth even wonders if they will remember each other twenty years down the road. Time passes, and she is a student in college and he is a lecturer. Rose has always been a women’s libber and even though she and Kenneth are completely different, they both discover ways they are similar during a tumultuous sixties time that led to a romance as each witnessed the world differently.

Long Strange Trip spins around a time when things were different as some youth sought an experimental phase. The characters of Rose and Kenneth are strong in their actions on their way to self-discovery. Ms. Gaia has composed a tale that carries the emotions, while seeking that one purpose in life to achieve fulfillment. She pens a story on an unforgettable ride.

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