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ISBN #978-1-934041-18-5
February 2007
Swimming Kangaroo Books
E-book / Paperback
$5.99 e / $17.99 p
375 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Garrett Maniam was a loner. His tour in the Army had left him with a crippling injury and he was determined to never be a burden to anyone. He had seen enough suffering and death in the war and did not wish that on anyone. Luckily for him some people refused to be pushed away.

Midradina was the Emissary of the Thornns. She oversaw the daily activities of the inhabitants on the ship and tried to keep peace among the different groups. Her life before becoming the Midra was nothing but a blur, and she served the Thornns without question. It was all she knew until Garrett came into her world.

Garrett was certain that he had taken a nosedive off of the deep end. The foulest creature he could ever imagine appeared out of nowhere and mortally wounded him. In the next moment a beautiful young woman came to his rescue and then nothing. Awakening aboard a vessel he began the most frightening and amazing journey of his life. His wounds were healing with the help of a spider-like creature called the yayantz, and a human referred to as Freet was his constant companion. Freet became an invaluable ally and eventually the closest thing to a friend Garrett had had in years. Midradina had to make him realize that he was worth so much more than he gave himself credit for. She would not allow him to give up. She knew that somehow he was very important to her and the ship, and that finding him was not an accident. The only problem was that Garrett needed to believe this as well or he would not be the only one to perish.

The twists and turns in this story were amazing. I could read this a dozen times and still find something new. Garrett was strong willed and easily angered, but he had a heart of gold. His surly attitude only masked the hero that he turned out to be. Midradina was wise beyond her years. She felt a deep bond with Garrett and both were stunned when they discovered the reason why. Together, along with Freet and several others, they fought for a better life for the inhabitants of the Thornn vessel. This really appealed to the sci-fi and mystery lover in me. Ms. Wills has a fabulous imagination and was able to give the most bizarre characters real personality.

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