Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781600883842
February 2009
Cobblestone Press, LLC
20 Pages
Contemporary Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Penny Granger is an editor where she works and is now turning forty, the big four oh and she is still a virgin. Through no fault of her own of course, but the mention of the v-word and the men she dates go scurrying away. Now she is so desperate to lose her virginity she goes to an online website and applies.

Wes Chastain is the big boss at the company Penny works for and once he receives her online application he pulls her into his office to discuss it. He figures that since she wants to lose her virginity he should be the one to do it, better him than a complete stranger he reasons.

Penny cannot believe it, her birthday is the next day and she is confronted by her boss Wes Chastain, who escorts her into his office. She is not called in for anything work related, no it has to do with her application to and to lose her virginity with him... her boss... oh my and in his office to boot. Wes is drop dead gorgeous, all ebony skin and brown eyes and a butt to die for, heck just do her now and get it done here and now.

This is the nightmare for the last of the forty year old virgins or should I say day dreams, what a rush. Remember a booty call is not the usual way to lose your virginity, but it works just fine here especially with her gorgeous hunk of a boss. This is a dream turned into reality and all at the touch of a mouse click. Online dating is not always a last resort but it sure can be fun looking and trying. Many of us have found romance on the internet so I bid you good luck web searching.

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