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ISBN#: 978-0-557-04168-8
March 2009
Lulu Press Inc.
282 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Cooper Jackson had not been in church since she was another bridesmaid at her brother, Zac’s wedding. She hopes to one day tie the knot. At least she can meet Ryan and JT of the group, Sound Wave.

Ryan Latham is attending one of the group member’s wedding. He runs into Cooper and finds her outgoing and great company to be around. Too bad he has an opinionated fiancé that might not agree.

At the age of twenty-five, Cooper lost her mother six months ago in an accident. Her father abandoned the family when she was twelve. Ryan is playful, and sweet, and meeting him was like icing on the cake for Cooper. Unfortunately, he is engaged. Another member of the group, JT Madden, shares playful flirtations with Cooper. She finds herself torn between Ryan and JT. Cooper and Ryan hit it off, but she quickly reminds he is engaged. Not to mention his overprotective mother. Is this the beginning or end of a whirlwind romance when his mother is afraid to cut the strings?

Lost In You reminds me of the heartwarming stories where the girl badly wants the guy, the guy wants the girl, but it is not the fiancé who stands in the way, but the mother. With any heart-tugging love story, there is going to be someone to blend just the right amount of chaos to stir things up. Myself, I would have to let Danielle, the opinionated fiancé, go. As for the mother, as much as she loves Ryan, yes, she needs to lighten up a bit with her whole life. Sandy Lo creates a moving combination of life, love, and choosing the right partner to last forever. She shows if real love exists, there will be a way to find it.

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