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ISBN#: 9781606109
October 2008
Publish America
111 E. Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701
Trade Paperback
153 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

James has just lost his fiancée Sarah to a mugger. The two are working on a code together, and James is determined to finish what the two of them started.

Raven was one of Sarah’s childhood friends. She is a promising artist, but due to circumstances, she now lives in a rundown trailer and works in a supermarket.

After his fiancée’s funeral, James Conner settles in her hometown to finish the computer program called Alithea that they were working on. He finds out that Sarah had two best friends that he never knew about. One he finds himself attracted to and the other is haunting his house.

This is an interesting tale. I liked the characters and the setting of a dead end small town. Raven and James are outsiders even though Raven grew up there. Aficionados of computer code will enjoy this story more than the average reader. I found myself getting lost in the jargon and I could not quite figure out where the story was going at times. It is not quite a romance, or a mystery, or a ghost story, but some combination of the three. The oddball characters make the story worth reading, especially the bored and lonely ghost Marie and Raven the Goth supermarket checker.

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