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ISBN#: 978-1-60458-083-9
January 2008
Twin Rivers Publishing-through Publish America
111 E. Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701
Trade Paperback
125 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 2 cups

Patricia has never really gotten over her first true love, Rob. Rob was married with a child when they got involved and ended their relationship abruptly but she still carries a torch for him years after she married another.

Rob was in love with Patricia but after a messy divorce and the loss of custody of his son, he broke off the relationship. She stays in contact, so they remain friends.

One woman’s first experience of true love colors all of her subsequent relationships and puts a strain on her marriage. It takes the death of her first love to make her realize what she really has in her marriage.

I could really never get into this story. There is little depth of feeling and the characters were pretty one dimensional. I never even knew what any of them looked like or how they sounded. Rob is described as wonderful, but he cheated on his wife, led a young woman on, and dumped her without a word of explanation. Patricia is more than a bit of a door mat where he is concerned, being the one to keep in contact, and even cheating on her husband with Rob. I also was a bit confused about the narrative going from the third person to the second person in the middle of the book. The husband, Doug, is the bright spot in the novel, and the only character that I really liked. The second half of the book is much better than the first and the characters become much more vivid and sympathetic.

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