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ISBN# None Available
October 2006
New Concepts Publishing
41 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Arwyn wishes for one loving mate to marry and spend the rest of her life with. The spirit tree seems to have a way to grant her wishes, sometimes, but this one time she may get more than she bargained.

Rowan is a spirit tree that enjoys Arwyn’s visits. She is a lovely creature that he would love to share his life, if only he were human.

Arwyn enjoys going to the forest and visiting the spirit tree. She endures the torment the residents of Edgemoor tease her concerning her absent father. The tranquility of the forest, even though forbidden, seems to give her peace of mind from the others. Once she wished for Nadir to notice her. He was tall, handsome and strong, and when her wish came true she was certain he would propose marriage but the next day he was in another’s arms. When Arwyn confronts the tree to make another wish, she wishes again for someone to enter her life. Rowan loves the way Arwyn feels against his trunk yet not being a human he cannot feel what it would really be like to be with her. After he hears her pleas and sees the tears, he hugs her into his branches and when he decides to appear human, he can only hope that she will love him, but when the secrets of his life are revealed, it could lead to a broken heart.

The Rowan Wood is a delightful read. My heart was sad for Arwyn and Rowan the way they both wanted to find a certain someone. Rowan has already found his, but was trapped almost with his feelings. Ms. Ash incorporates refreshing characters and a sweet romance that captivates. She truly does blend a wonderful story that is a breath of fresh air.

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