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ISBN# 0-06-084347-0
January 1, 2007
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
$5.99 U.S./$7.99 Canada
384 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Scott Templeton loves racing. The adrenaline rush that comes with pushing the pedal to the metal and heading for that finish line is one that really gives him a high. But when a legendary ghost suddenly deposits himself in his car, Scott’s adrenaline takes a plunge.

Maggie Cooper has only one desire in life and that is to make executive VP with a salary that will top any man and make him weep. When another collector item arrives at the door with a handsome man, she only adds it to the huge assortment collected in the barns but this is one time the deliveryman leaves a huge dent in her heart.

Larry, ‘Speed,’ Cooper needs a delivery transported, but first he has to convince Scott to make the delivery, which is not that easy being a haunting spirit.

Lucille Cooper, a.k.a., Grammy to those she knows for more than five minutes, is surprised when an engine is delivered to her door.

Scott cannot believe that Speed Cooper has decided to choose him of all people to make a delivery. Speed insists that the engine in Scott’s car belongs to him and he must make the delivery to his mother and until he does, he refuses to leave his side. What other choice does Scott have? He does exactly what Speed suggests, with him in tow. Will he ever be free of the shadow over him? When he meets Grammy, Speed’s mother, and is invited to stay, Scott decides to accept a few days especially since his truck, for some reason, will not start, not to mention once meeting Maggie, his heart feels like a spinning tornado. Maggie put herself through college to be an auctioneer and loves when the bids come in and everything suddenly vanishes, guess one could call say that is like an adrenaline rush to her. The other rush is meeting Scott who sends warmth all through her. She is determined to get him out of her yard and her mind before he gets too deep under her skin. The only problem, it maybe harder than she thinks as the days deepen the feelings they share for one another and with Grammy and Speed in the middle, things are really putting a divider of sorts in her life.

Love in the Fast Lane is a thrilling read. It was on the edge of the seat exciting. Maggie and Scott are memorable characters that really make this story incredible. They sizzle with chemistry the instant their eyes make contact. With fast, moving crisp, witty, dialogue that keeps the story sizzling, Jenna McKnight spins a tale that practically takes the breath away. I love the additional characters of Speed and Grammy and how Scott had to be the go-between. The well-written tale skyrockets and keeps this page-turner entertaining until the end. This reader highly recommends Love in the Fast Lane; an extraordinary story that I loved immensely, and one that I will always treasure!

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