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ISBN# Paperback-(10)0-553-38441-4/(13) 978-0-553-38441-3/E-book-(10)0-553-90541-4/(13)978- 0-553-90541-0 E-Book
July 29, 2008
Bantam Books (Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Paperback and E-Book
384 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Huckleberry Lindberg works in a Memory Print store snapping pictures of other people’s memories. He visits his home town, now called, New Seattle, and is being pulled over for a routine checkup only to be hauled in because of his past identity.

Nena comes to Huck’s rescue when a doctor is studying his long term memory. She makes sure to get him away from any police but she has one mission for him if he succeeds.

Huck heads back to New Seattle only to find things have changed. For one, the cops decide to pull his car over for a routine check. He is taken into custody where a doctor runs a mind check on him, doing a long memory scan. Huck is able to see everything that happened in his past, even down to the demise of his beloved Abigail. Nena comes to his rescue and explains if they become separated to meet her at the Halcyon Motel. It is there Huck is introduced to some fridges. He learns they even speak. When Nena arrives, she discovers he has changed even his hair color to avoid any detection with the police. When they become the center of police attention surrounding a conspiracy, Nena tells him if he ever gets out of the city it is imperative he take little fridge with him. That should not be much of a mission for an ex-cop, or should it?

Wow, Love in the Time of Fridges is like riding a in a fast-moving roller coaster. It certainly left an impression with me. Not many science fiction stories grab me as much as this one did. There is top-notch writing and action-packed circumstances that nearly blow the mind, not to mention some string of events that gets the reader’s adrenaline racing. I loved the principle of the fridges. Huck and Nena have a certain finesse that makes the story interesting. Tim Scott delivers a moving story surrounding defeat, love, and peripatetic appliances that take on a whole new shape. His creative voice generates a story not only with a serious tone but one that carries a bit of wit.

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