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ISBN#: Unavailable
October 2008
Hearts on Fire Books
60 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Henry Higgins, who recently turned sixty, is the professor of Quantitative Methods in the Behavioral and Social Sciences at the University of South Miami. At the moment, his wife, Noreen, also a Professor, is in Paris on a yearly sabbatical leave.

Anita Soto is from Madrid, Spain enrolling at the University of South Miami. At the age of nineteen, she seems to have no problem with money and spending it. She is deciding on a major field in which to take when she meets Henry.

Henry has considered retiring beginning fall semester. While his wife is away doing research on a book on Neoimpressionists, Anita begins taking Henry out to some entertaining places, footing the money for practically everything. He feels for his age, he has a body almost of that of a man of forty. Henry and Anita even go to the lengths of getting temporary tattoos. She opens a whole new experience for Henry, but no matter how close they become, he assures he will never leave or divorce his wife. Can this textbook romance develop into something much more or will it suffer consequences?

Love Lost Love Regained carries the reader on a carpet ride with two players absorbed into each other. The believability of it falls true to some men when they reach the golden years and suddenly strike up a fling with a much younger woman. I kept thinking if Henry was that attached to his wife, never leaving her for anything, he would have been more faithful, especially being a teacher. I know those relationships usually end up with someone getting hurt. Richard H. Williams tells a story that moves at a pace carrying the reader into the everyday plan of a couple and their outings, and the penalties that often follow.

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