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ISBN# Unavailable
June 2006
Chippewa Publishing
56 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Mara’s Champion

Hoth was a skilled and ruthless fighter who had captured Mara then used her. She has no idea if her siblings are dead or alive. Kestran is a stranger who comes to town and almost astounds her. He is light on his feet and his warm smile has a way of making her forget everything. With that smile alone, she knew, in her heart, she did not have to fear or mistrust him and for the first time since her imprisonment. Compared to Hoth, who was powerful and large, Kestran looks fragile and small, but he is determined to free Mara from the abusive life.

Kestran and Mara’s emotions are shown in the pages. Kestran is like a shining knight that this reader jumped up and cheered. Mara’s Champion is a poignant story of love, deep devotion and a romance that brings tears of joy to the heart.

The Changeling

Tara is tired of seeing her life mapped out. Many times, she has considered leaving a note and just taking an absence. Edwin has the eyes of a dreamer and had taken her into his home without asking where she came from. Edwin realizes she is too lovely to be trapped with him. He wonders so much about the sweet woman that had made his house so full of life. When Tara finds a way to leave, it forces Edwin to see things differently, but he wonders will she ever return because without her in his life, even the flowers seem to die.

The Changeling is such a captivating read I could almost see the autumn leaves and feel the changing in the weather. The presence of Tara and Edwin practically leap from the pages.

Heart to Heart

Bronwyn manages to hide her misery from everyone excerpt Rick whom seems to understand her in their companionship. She has bloke troubles and he would like a serious relationship. With the approaching holidays, he does not wish to be alone but she has other plans. After days of being apart from his lovely friend, he sees that her spirit has weakened and she is no longer with the guy she spoke of before the holidays. This is their last chance if they wish to become more than close friends, or will they both refuse the love that stares them in the face?

Heart to Heart is inspiring and had this reader hoping the two will find that happy medium. Do they? You will have to read the story yourself.

The Warrior Vision

Raven has too many worries that cannot be resolved. The circle she visits is a mystic place that carries its own secrets. Lou is a gifted physic she meets at the circle. He knows she needs someone there to watch over her and care for her but she realizes she is not an easy person to love. Can they see past the trees to find something everlasting?

Raven and Lou leave the reader with a feel good feeling that there is someone out there for anyone. The Warrior Vision has a way of saying never give up the search.

The Traitor Heart

Lena has grown to willowy womanhood behind the huge fortified walls, a place where her father would soon marry her off. Wyn is a lovely native girl that Lena spies and gives her employment. It also begins in a slow love dance between the two but will Lena spill the secret when the real identity is revealed?

Amazing, stimulating and downright good, this story held a touch of a mystery that really pleased this reader.

The Glass Goddess

She does not like to go out at night but an artist wishes to have her for a model. He says his name his Simon when she shows up at his door. He proclaims she has the statue of a calm spirit. She knows he only wishes her to pose nude, and when the time comes, she is afraid that she might lose her nerve. Now Simon must show her the inner spirit inside.

This was a charming read that was beautifully composed.

Wild Strawberries

Mia is trying to find a form of escapism, especially from her over protective mother. She happens to run into her older friend Glennie who treats her to some wild strawberries. It is a magnificent meeting where Glennie is beautiful and wonderful to be around and one that promises more for Mia.

This story is an eye-opener that is creativity done and makes one feel the spirit within.

Love Spells for Dreamers is a passionate read that transforms the reader into stories that are remarkably written and leave a lasting impression. With a touch of magic and a little romance, it weaves characters that speak in volumes. The collection of stories seasons some fantasy, a tad of suspense and love abounding. Ms Colvin pens a creation that should be read more than once, that is how great these stories spin for this reader. She allows the reader to feel the spirits, the emotions and the love that transcends in the pages. This is a rare read that is like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night. A 5-cup read that this reader thought exceptional.

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