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ISBN: 978-1-58749-678-3
July 2008
Awe-Struck E-books
251 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Dr. Cort Hirsh wanted to create a robot that would pass the test for intelligence, as well as a human. He never thinks his creation could backfire on him. He created her to look like famous actress Zoe Parker, and that is just the beginning of his problem. Feelings seem to come over him and he is not sure what to do. He just hopes his dreams will not fail him.

Zoe Parker enjoys her luxurious lifestyle. Yet when she is mistaken to shop somewhere she would never set foot, she has to figure out how to correct things. Her right hand man, Frank, seems to have all the answers. One less thing on her plate and more time to perfect her acting abilities since her stalker will not leave her alone. All that matters is that things work out for her; she just cannot see how things might go wrong.

Creating a new life is not always easy, and Cort Hirsh really wants to do it right. He takes his time and creates a woman who looks exactly like Zoe Parker. Now he has to deal with the repercussions of that decision, as well as the possibility of coming face to face with Zoe. Cort realizes that something is wrong and wants to help Zoe, his dream woman, but will it be everything he dreamed about?

Ms. North presents a well woven story for the most part. The thing that bugged me most was how stuck up Zoe Parker was throughout the majority of the book. I know that can be realistic, but I wanted to take her down a peg or two. Cort deserved more than what he got throughout the book, in my opinion. The ending is what saved this book in my opinion and was definitely very pleasing.

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