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ISBN: 1-59998-056-8
February 14, 2006
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Price: $5.50
226 Pages
Romance Red Hot Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Jessie loved Slade, loved him so much that she gave herself to him one glorious weekend. It was an incredible encounter filled with endless hours of learning many sexual techniques. He left to get married but now he has returned to win her back.

Slade loved Jessie. There had been other women in his life that left him high and dry but he desired Jessie. One magical weekend he claimed her as his own in every sense of the word. After an assignment with his undercover job sends him away, he does not have a chance to explain to Jessie.

Slade really loves Jessie. After one hot weekend he cannot believe he took her womanhood but it was a weekend they enjoyed. After his partner, Amy, returns, he leaves to marry Amy, only to return five years later. He wants to make it right with Jessie but is hesitant in telling her the real reason he left. Jessie was sure that Slade loved her and not just some talk to get her between the sheets until he leaves to marry another woman who gives him a son. Now Slade returns and wants to finish where he left off but offers Jessie no explanation, except his wife is dead. When Jessie demands answers, he finally spills the beans about his undercover job with Amy and the real reason he left as he learns Jessie was not the only one betrayed by Amy in the situation.

Loving Lies is a story that consumes with heated passion. It has a good plot with believable characters that weave a tender story filled with romance and betrayal. Lora Leigh paints a good read about love withstanding the test of time to make it even stronger.

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