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ISBN: 1-59507-110-5
December 2, 2005
Archebooks Publishing Incorporated
E-Book and hardcover
$3.99 E-book / $19.49 hardcover
Pages 216
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lindsay Eden is determined to outshine the memory of her mother’s illustrious career by climbing to the top in her career. As head of the marketing and public relations department of the exclusive Freeman Hotel, she now finds herself with a rival. A man who will stop at nothing to win and Lucifer Furey Pierse must be stopped before he succeeds. The stakes turn into war when competition strikes; Luke gets a date with Lindsay if he wins or leaves town forever if Lindsay wins. But is it a prize that Lindsay wants?

Lucifer (Luke) Pierse is not really happy being the newcomer but it is a job. Most of the time he talks non-stop about New York and his eccentric relatives as he tries to outwit the head marketing person in the firm. He is a good marketing man whose life is very secretive. He knows that his jokes frazzle Lindsay, but there is something about her that draws him closer. Could it be because she seems so disinterested in him?

Lucifer’s Lover is a wonderful read. It was fun watching the two in their daily banter. Lindsay is not capable of deception but Luke is and Lindsay as his boss causes some heat. I really loved how Luke wanted to get into that hard shell of hers and find out what was really troubling her when he was carrying private things too. They both are so stubborn, but once they pucker up for that one magical kiss, can things get any hotter? And the morning after when he meets her father at breakfast, that was an unforgettable scene.

Ms. Posey has written such a charming story about two people who are so in tune with each other but afraid to release what their hearts store. I could not help but fall in love with this well-written story and the characters on their path to self-discovery and the makings of a real family life. Ms. Posey touches the heart and makes you feel everything, and that is why I rate it 5 cups.

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