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ISBN # 1-934337-05-6
June 2007
Asylett Press
240 Pages
Romance, Western Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Royce Weston comes from a family that owns a very successful ranch. He is a tough cowboy. He has no use for women because he has been burnt by them and will do anything to keep them away. When Paige interrupts his life, he tries everything to get her to leave without success. Has he finally met his match?

Paige comes from a family that can only be described as dysfunctional. Her father is a swindler that uses his daughters to cheat people out of their money. After Paige has been “won” by Royce in a poker game she tells him to flee before her father gets there. Due to this, she pays the price when she is beaten and left to die. Now she has amnesia and does not remember who she is or how she ended up at Royce’s family ranch.

With her memories buried deep, Paige tries to go with her life, and with the exception of Royce, fits in well with the Weston’s. Royce believes she is faking her memory loss and is really after their money. However, as he learns more of her past, Royce’s views change and with the help of friends and outlaws he must at all costs protect her and let the truth emerge. Both of them must deal with the past in order to move on to the future.

Luck of the Draw is action packed testosterone everywhere! There are cowboys and bad guys galore. Larger than life characters leap off the pages. There is never a dull moment in this book, as well as some twists and turns and entertaining spots of humor. Ms. Lence has written a story that grabs your attention from the first paragraph to the last word.

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