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ISBN#: 978-1-897559-69-7
October 2008
Eternal Press
25 Pages
Paranormal Fantasy/Dark
Rating: 4 Cups

Rosalie cares deeply for Devon. She knows the lengths he will go to protect her from the sunlight. When her sire stumbles upon some concoction to help in the sunlight, she does not know if she wishes to pay the price.

Devon cannot get enough of Rosalie. He is not one of the Chosen, and probably will not turn into an undead. Because his blood lacks the mystical element needed for immortality, he can never spend eternity nestled in her embrace.

The Chosen are an exceptional class and the Nightcrawlers feed on their precious blood. Rosalie thinks Devon is a morsel, someone purely enjoyable to nibble and bite on. Devon knows he could live the rest of his life with Rosalie. While he would grow old and die, Rosalie would live on. He needs the solution known as the Luminari. He could turn the tables and give Rosalie something nobody ever gave her. Devon realizes it is a hefty price to pay for such a treasure, but just the thought of involving Rosalie could further the risk, one he may not be willing to pay.

I like the premise of the storyline of Luminari, with the drug, not to mention the circumstances surrounding it. There were times I placed myself in Devon’s shoes and wondered if it would really be worth the huge price. Then, again, I believe true love is worth any price to be with someone you love. The emotions with Devon and Rosalie are so believable; I could practically feel their ache to have the impossible. Kim McDougall generates a moving read with two dynamite characters that make this story powerful. She gives Devon the strength to show how far one will go for love. The ending left a delightful awe in this reader’s heart.

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