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ISBN# 0-7582-1548-7
April 2007
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance Anthology
Rating: 3 cups

The Principles of Lust

Teal, the daughter of hippie parents, feels the need to be in control at all times. With the imminent opening of her erotic art gallery, this need is really apparent. She also has other needs that could easily be fulfilled by the gorgeous carpenter working at the gallery.

Zach is very attracted to the strong woman trying to start her own art gallery, but his need for control is just as strong as hers. In fact, he has a whole room in his basement to show for it. If he can only convince Teal that in giving up control she gets more power…

An erotic art gallery brings a businesswoman and a carpenter with dominant tendencies together.

I liked the interaction between the two main characters. Both are very strong personalities who find it difficult to bend until the right person comes along. Brina Jo and Dominick are very good supporting characters, and the setting fits the story perfectly.

Passion Play

Mia has not fit in anywhere since the death of her parents. She rebelled with piercings and tattoos and finally moved away all together. Her passion is designing exotic and erotic silver jewelry.

Dominick is a very successful columnist; his man about town column is very popular. He is getting bored with the whole thing. So when his boss tries to turn Nick at Night into advertising for a bad restaurant, he quits.

Dominick and Mia literally run into each other on the street and, despite their very different personalities, find a passion that neither is prepared for.

I liked the main characters of this story very much. Mia is a little lost and needs to find someone strong to love her unconditionally. Dominick needs to find someone to challenge him and make him challenge himself. The author’s technique of making each chapter from the perspective of either Dominick or Mia is a little confusing at first, but works in the end.

Sexual Healing

Caitlyn is a bit of a free spirit. Some think her odd because she can read auras. She has a good job, a great best friend, but no man to share her life with.

Jack has been disillusioned by his job and the loss of a friend. His job as a photojournalist showed him that there is a seamy underside to even the most beautiful places.

When Mia asks Caitlyn to model her new line of jewelry, she helps Jack rediscover his joy in life and photography through her own particular method of healing.

Caitlyn and Jack could not be any more different and the author captured their difficulties in getting together very well. Her descriptions of their emotions really let the reader get to know these two characters.

This is a fantastic collection of novellas. The central theme and location of Teal’s erotic art gallery is a perfect setting. All the characters are very real, with believable fears and emotions. The sex scenes are extremely erotic and very well described; the author has a gift for description that will put the reader in the story along with the characters. This is a very hot collection.

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