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ISBN# 9781597053587/9781597056762
November 2008
Wings ePress Inc.
403 Wallace Court, Richmond, Kentucky, 40475
E Book/Paperback
415 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 cups


A woman content be alone, Ellie Jordan is full of secrets and sadness. She has lost a child and the loss has devastated her. Losing her son has her punishing herself by cutting out the people who matter in her life. She hides away from the world to avoid the pain of hurting others or being hurt by others.

Dr. Jay Bryant is a divorced father of one. He is from a big family who wants to see him with a real woman and be happy. Getting to know and love Ellie will be the hardest task he has ever faced. In learning Ellie’s secrets, he learns about his sisters, Maeve and Maddie, and the secrets each one hides.

The women are the heart of this story. Each one linked to Jay and, therefore, to each other. Each woman is carrying a secret that is known by only one of the other women. One had an abortion at the age of seventeen. A second one’s son died. The other is having an affair. The ladies are able to come together to sort out their lives, secrets and loves.

This book is a bit of a mystery. I love the way the reader is fed just enough information about the characters to keep them wanting more. Ellie is so closed off to the reader at first, but as the story goes on, more and more of her is revealed, both to the other characters and the person reading the story. The joy and pain these women feel is so real. I enjoyed the way Jay allows Ellie the time she needs to fall in love with him. It was the dynamic these three women shared that made this story come to life. Ms. Kinkaide has the talent needed to make people sit up and take notice.

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