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ISBN# 978-1-60272-137-1
November 2007
Amber Quill Press
156 Pages
Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Shapeshifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassandra decides to take a camping trip with two friends never anticipating on meeting a handsome stranger in the woods. Cray is someone that makes her tingle all over.

Cray feels a primordial calling when he meets Cassandra. She is a female that he desires deeply but once he gives into his urges, it could mean disaster.

Cassandra has not camped in years and she knows she is not going to meet her Tarzan in the woods since agreeing to tag along with Heather and Graham for a weekend. So far she has not seen any handsome male candidate making his presence known. At twenty-seven with a bachelor’s of science degree, she has trouble putting her tent together when a muscled man appears offering assistance. Cray wants Cassandra more than anything. For years he has been celibate, so long it begins to cloud his judgment. He lives his life with the myths and the fear of the old lore, but something tells him not to give up because his true mate does exist. Heather and Graham are not certain about Cassandra accompanying Cray on a hiking expedition when they just met. Cassandra wants Cray badly but when the camping trip turns dangerous, things twist for the friends.

Lycan Lore is a stunning read. It was fun visualizing Cassandra working with the tent and then thinking about spiders and things in the woods. I could just imagine her reaction when Cray steps into the picture. The two are quite charismatic and pulled me into the story with their actions. Heather and Graham play an important part as friends. I liked how Shannon Leigh added some extra spice in the middle of the book, with just the twist to make this page-turner most absorbing.

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