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ISBN#: 978-1-60313-520-7
February 2009
Whiskey Creek Press
PO Box 51052, Casper, Wyoming 82605-1052
Trade Paperback/E-Book
348 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Magic Kisses

Eliza Fanelli takes her intuitive abilities very seriously. She has always been able to feel what people need or want, and her classes at the University of New Age Studies will help her channel her gift.

Computer programmer Brett Mason is tired of his lonely bachelor life, but with his track record maybe it is for the best. He seems to attract flakes, and his new neighbor fits that description perfectly.

Eliza absolutely positively cannot fall for her sexy neighbor. She is her mother’s daughter through and through, and lasting love is not in her cards. So she does the next best thing, and tries to help him find his true love. One month and a box of magic chocolate kisses is all she needs to give him the girl of his dreams, too bad it cannot be her.

Eliza is quirky, flaky, and adorable. She and Brett are like flip sides on a coin, and balance each other perfectly, if they can get over their preconceived notions about love. This story is fun and full of life, a joy to read.

Telephone Tag Winner

Photographer Rina Henderson is very unlucky when it comes to matters of the heart. Hers has been torn out and stomped on more than once, and she is leery of putting herself out there again.

Dr. Ryan O’Donnell has never gotten over his first love. The years since his disastrous marriage have been consumed with work and short-term relationships, but Rina has never been far from his heart.

This can certainly be counted as one of the worst days in Rina’s life. She is in a major accident on the freeway, and her photography studio has been ransacked. To top it all off, Ryan O’Donnell is working the emergency room when she ready to be released. She has not seen nor heard from him since he dumped her and married someone else, but after all the years the hurt is still there. Ryan wants her back with a vengeance, but can she ever forgive him for hurting her so badly?

A summer romance, a tragic twist of fate, and two souls that have finally come full circle. Ryan and Rina are a delight to get to know, and their story is one that will light up the day.

Winning Sylvia’s Heart

Sylvia Maxwell has her future all planned out. She has a steady job, and she has Tom, her fiancé. What more could a girl want? A little romance maybe?

Legal Aid lawyer Jack McNamara has all but given up on capturing Sylvia’s heart. He knows Tom is a jerk and does not appreciate Sylvia, but what can he do? She seems to love him.

Is it possibly too much to ask for her fiancé to leave work early on Valentine’s Day? Apparently so. She has been stood up for the last time. It is time to move on, and her adorably hunky neighbor, whom she has been eyeing appreciatively, is just the ticket. He is smart, funny, and attentive all wrapped up in a tight sexy package. Jack is thrilled with Sylvia’s breakup, but he is not about to be the rebound man. A slow seduction is key if he wants a relationship that will last a lifetime.

A man who oozes romance, and a woman whose favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. A match made in heaven? Or is it too much too soon? A fantastic read with great characters, and a fabulously witty storyline.

The Third Kiss

As a young girl on the verge of teenage hormones, Gail Williams found her first kiss to be less than romantic. Just the thought of Augie Sorenson having kissed her made her face burn and thoughts of revenge dance in her head.

August Sorenson took a dare to kiss the brace-face girl Gail Williams. What he did not realize was that one kiss would stick with him for years.

Gail scoffed at her grandmother’s tale that if you are kissed three times by the same person who gives you your first kiss they are your true love. However years later Gail can still remember the first two kisses she received from Augie. Too bad he was not in her graduating class and coming to the reunion. She would love to see him one more time, and find out if that third kiss held the magic purported by her grandmother.

Could the magic of a third kiss be why Gail never settled for any other man? No one ever seemed just right, and in the back of her head lingered thoughts of Augie. This tale is sweetly romantic, and wonderfully written.

Atop a Wedding Cake

Cathy Baker is getting ready to marry off her baby girl, and really having to come to terms with the empty nest syndrome. She is proud to have raised six beautiful and successful children. A dream and a promise she gave to her late husband has been fulfilled.

Selling his practice to anyone other than his son is not what Dr. Clinton Charles Edward III, known as Trey to his friends, had envisioned. But with his son’s impending marriage it seems to be a forgone conclusion. A marriage he is not in agreement with, nor condones.

Cathy is more than a little peeved with the way Dr. Edward has treated her daughter, but she is determined to get to the bottom of the problem before the wedding. Cathy, and all she has accomplished, awe Trey. She is still the same Mary Kate, his best friend’s sister, but the feelings that she is stirring in him, are something he has not felt since the death of his wife. Could they both be lucky enough to find love a second time around? A gift to precious to pass up, if they are willing to take the chance.

Love knows no boundaries for Mary Kate and Trey. They have lived successful and full lives, and now it is their turn to love once again. I love reading stories with mature characters that do not give up on the chance for love later in life, and this is no exception.

In Cahoots With Cupid

Angela Lewis has been on the run from her past four years. Now it has caught up to her and she is terrified. Ki is the only person she has allowed to know some of the reasons she left Fever, Texas. He is her best friend and her rock.

Engineer Kiowa Mackenzie has been in love with Angela Lewis for as long as he can remember. He has pined over her since they were kids, but she has never taken him seriously. She thinks of him as just a friend, and even worse maybe a kid brother.

The thought of going home leaves Angela sick. Her abusive ex-husband still lives on the family ranch, and no one, not even Ki, knows the extent of that abuse. But one of her best friends is getting married and she is a bridesmaid. Ki knows that there is more to Angela’s story, but he cannot push her. He can only hope that someday she will realize that he loves her for better or worse. Maybe with a little help those vows will be taken with the woman of his dreams.

True love endures time and distance for Ki and Angela. He is her lifeline, even is she does not see it. The love Ki has for Angela is all encompassing, and their story is a delight to read.

The magic of these stories is in the kiss. Each one highlights the kiss, from the explosive power of a first kiss to the slow burn of a kiss shared by lifelong friends. They all have a wonderful set of characters, and each storyline is unique and memorable. The authors in this anthology showcase their talents and artistry by delivering stories with intelligent dialogue and clever plots. I enjoyed each one, and recommend this to all romance lovers.

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