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ISBN#: (13)978-0-352-34183-9/(10)0-352-34183-1
May 8, 2008
Black Lace
Thames Wharf Studios, Painsville Rd., London W6 9HA
Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

House of Dust

Ishara is a priestess of Inanna. She becomes Inanna during the ceremony of the Great Marriage, Queen of Heaven and Earth. It is through this ceremony that she mates with the King, and together they insure a rich and bountiful new year.

King Tamuz of Uruk is loved and revered by his people. His only fault is that he has been unable to sire a son to take over his throne.

Ishara as well as the rest of Uruk is devastated when Tamuz is murdered. She knows exactly who took his life, and it is his very own brother. She is forced to submit to the murderer Nergal, and although she despises him, her inner goddess craves his touch. Ishara cannot abide Nergal’s complete disregard for their traditions, and her only choice is to be stripped bare of all that is Inanna, and go to her sister in the Underworld. Her survival is irrelevant to that of Uruk, and she is willing to take the chance.

This story is darkness and pain. Ishara is subjected to multiple degrees of sexual degradation and pain. Ms. Ashbless gives her readers a walk on the dark side, and does a fabulous job doing it.

Ill Met by Moonlight

Lois Hillyard is too much of a workaholic. It takes a good friend to make her realize that she is in need of a serious vacation.

Robin is a magical being. His ability to morph into human form comes to him only one month out of the year, and that is May.

Lois is spending her vacation in a cottage on the beach, which would not be so bad if the weather would cooperate. Who knew it would be so cold the last week of May? The cabin itself is freezing, so she spends much of her time curled up in bed. Robin is very taken with the beautiful Lois, and enters her mind for an amazingly erotic dream encounter. Lois awakes to find herself more than a little aroused, and disconcerted. However when she meets her dream man face to face, she must battle her desire as well as her sanity.

Ms. Da Costa gifts her readers with characters that really touch the heart. The sensuality and passion are fantastic, and the story itself is wonderfully developed.

The Dragon Lord

Princess Nina of Navarone has been cursed from birth. Her own mother wishes that she had not survived, and can only hope that marriage will tame the demon inside her.

Lord Drake of Kâo is on mission to find a new queen. Their Queen is quickly dying, and if they cannot find her replacement, the dragons will seek and destroy all who lie and deceive.

Nina is in the process of becoming married. She can only hope this will cool the fire inside her soul. However on the night of her wedding, she cannot give herself to her groom. There is another who has stolen her heart, and only his touch does she crave. Drake is so uncertain of his feelings for Nina that he does not trust his own heart. Only Dragons can discern complete honesty, and if Nina is true, she will be the new queen, if she survives long enough to take her throne.

This is an amazing and unique tale of honesty and love. Ms. Knight takes her characters through startling evolutions that will hold you spellbound. I was fascinated and thrilled to be able to read this.

Each story in this anthology is wonderfully erotic and sensual. There is diversity and sensuality to all of the characters, and the sexuality is not limited to male/female relations. I found House of Dust to be a little on the dark side, but just as wonderfully written. Ill Met by Moonlight is more contemporary, which I really love, and The Dragon Lord is like a fairy tale for adults. The reader is swept up in one amazing tale after another. I enjoyed each and every one, and recommend this steamy hot read!

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