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ISBN: Unavailable
January 2006
Chippewa Publishing
19 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sam Parker is fed up with his life. The last ten years, his wife refused him sex, only taking his money. Filing for divorce, he leaves to find his own life. When he stumbles into Mexico and meets Maria, lust immediately enters a picture that soon leads to much more.

Maria Elena Lopez is a very beautiful woman, a complete showstopper. After meeting Sam she is offered the chance of modeling. Overjoyed, she eagerly accepts the proposal, not realizing that their moment of lust turns into love.

Sam never imagined stepping into Mexico would stir such a change in his life. He needed to find himself and not some ghost or shadow of what other people expected of him. He needed to feel emotions again. Maria’s hypnotic green eyes and body affected him like no other. Within the walls of Mexico, where love is the balm of the soul, Maria and Sam discover a whole new side of life and love. But after leaving one bad marriage, he needs to make sure his heart can commit again.

Maid In Mexico is a complete joy to read. I loved reading an erotic story from a man’s view. Mr. Allen detailed the setting and the love scenes in a way as if he were taking paints and splashing them delicately across a canvas. This story, with its believable characters, is sensual and exciting, and flows smoothly with every turn of the page.

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