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Blue Collar Wolves

Book 1: Weremones
Book 2: PMSing
Book 3: Making Tracks
Book 4: White Hat Wolf
Shopping Showdown
Book 5: Creature Comforts

ISBN# Unavailable
July 2007
New Concepts Publishing
275 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Bailey is a psychic finder who is an outcast. She helped her friend, Karen, to escape the elders so she could and rejoin her family pack. Now Bailey must hide from elders as well. She supports herself by hiring herself out using her finding services.

Mark Weis is the most colorful of the Anderson pack. He is a colorblind wolf with ADHD. This can be a shocking combination and not just concerning his clothing style either.

When an evil ghost from the past comes back to haunt the Anderson pack. They all must make sacrifices to save the ones they love. Unlikely alliances abound and secrets are revealed. Mark and Bailey are not ready for their inevitable commitment but nature often overrules inclination.

I really enjoyed this latest story about the Weis family. Mark is an entertaining and unusual character; a color-blind wolf with ADHD, and wild taste in clothing. It is not hard to see why Bailey, a low key, slightly overweight psychic ten years his senior doubts the mate bond. They both overcome their doubts in a pretty spectacular way. Runt the wolven puppy is adorable and a great addition to the family. Marcus is every bit as evil as the Weis brothers’ memories have hinted in the past. The trip into the fairy court is very exciting and the next installment of the story should be very interesting indeed.

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