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ISBN#: Paperback-978-1-934041-36-9
July 2008
Swimming Kangaroo Books
1907 Green Apple Lane, Arlington, TX 76014
E-Book/Trade Paperback
332 pages
Western Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Catherine Lincoln--Cathy--will do anything to get away from her uncle. She no longer cares what he thinks and is tired of fighting over matters concerning women and their say in things.

Lon Van Anders is noted for having a bad reputation. It is rumored he is nothing but a gambler and a drinker. There are not many men that will go up against his side in a wrestling match.

Cathy would like to have her own life. She is tired of the clashes she has with her uncle concerning what a proper lady should discuss. Thanks to her father being a doctor, she has some medical experience when it comes to helping injured people. She is not too fond of Lon when they meet but others insist the rumors are not always true. When an accident befalls Lon, where he needs medical help, Cathy comes to his aid. With a dead man left from the attack, could Lon have really been responsible? For some reason, Cathy cannot leave his side. Will she finally learn the truth about him and his family?

I think what I adored most about this story was the setting. I could almost picture the Colorado Rockies, as well as inhale the fresh scent of mountain air, as the clouds serenade the Rockies. The hearty characters really play their parts well and kept me wondering who was really good or very bad. I found Lon a bit complicated in some matters as he struggled to overcome some obstacles. My heart went out to him, along with Cathy. I love Cathy’s determination throughout the story. Larion Wills pens a tale that keeps the reader guessing on a good many things. She pits the characters among fights, disagreements, and plots that sweep the reader into action-packed moments.

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