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ISBN #: 978-0-373-76897-4
October 2008
Silhouette (Harlequin)
250 Duncan Mill Rd, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Mass Market Paperback
181 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Elizabeth Wellington thought her marriage was solid. She feels a bit like her only use is to shop and plan menus. Her inability to conceive saddens both of them. Lately her husband, Reed, has been secretive, and she has caught him in several lies.

Reed Wellington is an extremely wealthy businessman. He seems to have it all; a beautiful wife, a great home, and a successful business. But his marriage is strained due to their lack of children, and now an SEC investigation and a blackmailer add to the stress.

There is a blackmailer victimizing the tenants of 721 Park Avenue, and Reed Wellington is the latest victim. The blackmailer has also triggered an SEC investigation for insider trading, and Reed gathers his management team and a private investigator to fight the charges. Elizabeth has been left out of the loop and jumps to the wrong conclusion. She believes he is having an affair, and feels left out of his life. The lack of children and a purpose in life make her decide that a change is in order. The arrival of a child may be too late to help.

I enjoyed reading this story and liked Elizabeth, but Reed’s character is very difficult to like. His arrogant and condescending attitude towards his wife is very difficult to take. Using the excuse that he is “protecting” her, he effectively cuts her off from everything that is important to him, except planning menus and sex. He gets a pretty effective wake-up call, and I enjoyed his efforts to reconcile. Elizabeth’s friend Hanna, and Reed’s friend Collin give the two and the reader some perspective. The subplot of the SEC investigation and murder in the building add drama to an already emotionally involving story, as does little Lucas’s predicament.

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