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ISBN# 978-1-4259-3684-6
December 2006
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, Indiana 47403
116 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Most little girls grow up expecting their Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet, marry them, and live happily ever after. Yes, the romance diminishes for many couples, but everyone expects to be the exception to the rule.

It seems to be true that most men want to be romantic and to be the person that their partner wants them to be. They just need instruction and a gentle nudge in the right direction. Most importantly, you cannot expect perfection from your husband.

Marrying a Man, Raising a Husband gives some valuable advice. The authors begin with the marriage itself and how some things change right away just by being officially married. A large part of the book is devoted to everyday happenings such as miscommunication and being kind to one another.

With contributions by three separate authors, Marrying a Man, Raising a Husband is a diverse, meaningful and often humorous look at married life. The writing is well done and even though much of it is written tongue-in-cheek, the primary theme that comes through is the love that two people can have despite their issues. An added bonus is some lovely poetry interspersed throughout the essays. This would be a great book for a bride at her shower, or for a newly married couple because it also gives some great advice such as listening and pointers for good communication. Marrying a Man, Raising a Husband is a great down-to-earth and funny, yet useful book.

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