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ISBN #1-4199-0415-9
December 2005
188 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Lieutenant Leia Ballore is from a galaxy in the future. When pirates steal precious cargo, she has to recover the stolen property. Upon arrival she discovers a man who practically takes her breath away. Not only is he the man of her dreams but he has been kidnapped from Earth and carried 3000 years into the future. Now Leia must safely return him home. Can she keep to her assignment when her heart tells her otherwise?

Detective Jake Marshall remembers being on a job with his partner Matt, then landing in a prison cell, then a hospital. Now he finds himself thrown into a galaxy in another time. All Jake knows is he has never met anyone like Leia and no matter how strange his situation, he is not ready for her to take him back home. Can he face life in a cosmos to be hunted as a slave if it means staying forever with Leia?

Marshall’s Guard takes the reader from a bored Lieutenant with her present assignment to one that sizzles on contact. Leia goes after stolen cargo and finds a man that changes her life. Jake is from three thousand years in the past, a man in Leia’s dreams, and she must protect him. It is wrong for her to fall for him and he realizes his duty as a cop comes first, yet they are drawn together. When they are up against danger, Leia must trust her instincts and enlist Jake and Matt’s help. With so much intense love between the two, is there nothing that can change the course of their actions?

Isabo Kelly has written a story strong enough to last over three thousand years. It is a futuristic fast-paced story filled with intense desire and punch that keeps you turning the pages. The reader can practically visualize the surroundings and the chemistry between Leia and Jake just by the gaze in their eyes. Ms. Kelly has crafted a story that is a keeper no matter how many light years away.

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