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ISBN# (10): 978-1-58749-629-5 /(13): 978-1-58749-629-1
November 9, 2007
Awe-struck E-books, Inc.
251 Pages
Regency Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassiopeia Reade, Cassie, goes to visit her good friend, Lucinda, before they depart for their destinations. Lucinda is gone but her luggage remains. Cassie then learns she has taken Lucinda’s place.

Roland, Lord Carlyon is handsome, but rumor has it he is most scandalous. His charm is one that holds no bounds. Could he be as bad as others say?

Cassie is surprised to learn she must switch places with Lucinda. She overhears what sounds like a blackmail going on in another room then finds a letter from Lucinda. It appears Lucinda’s grandmother has betrothed her to Roland, a scandalous man and Lucinda wants no involvement. She asks Cassie to take her place. In the meantime, Lucinda will accept Cassie’s job as governess. Roland comes into Lucinda’s room to take her to Lady Tyndale’s home. He has no idea the two women have switched places. Cassie knows this is the man she overheard concerning the blackmail. Reluctantly, she does as Lucinda suggests. It has been years since her grandmother has seen Lucinda so hopefully her identity can be safe. Rumors say Roland is a fortune hunter. He finds Cassie attractive and delightful. She finds him charming and genuine. As the two form a growing attraction, Cassie is caught in the middle of deception.

Masquerade is a story of intrigue and deception that keeps the reader absorbed. I kept expecting Cassie to get caught at any minute, often wishing to jump ahead in the story, but savored the ending for last. The characters are charming and the secondary ones add the right elements keeping the storyline consistent. The tightly constructed dialogue makes the reader feel they are in a different time period. Alison James sweeps the reader into a captivating regency full of visualization. This pleasurable read is indeed a treasure.

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