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ISBN: 0-9787401-1-4
JULY 2006
Aphrodite’s Apples Press
E book
114 pages
Rating 4 cups

A ball is being given and a few mortals have been given a chance to have their dreams come true, here are the four stories.

Golden Lioness

Trista Vines has one night to have her dreams fulfilled, she chooses Hercules as her escort. But as the night goes on, will Trista find she really wants her dreams to come true?

Ms Grey did a fabulous job with this story. Every word was believable. I wanted to be Trista and was as torn as the character was about what to do next. Ms Grey told a story I was glad to be lost in. I will be reading her again.

Caging Kat

Kat is a homeless billionaire in need of some cash. At this ball, handsome Ares challenges her to find a jewel he has hidden. But will Kat’s heart be stolen if she takes the challenge?

This story was fun. The interplay between Kat and Ares was witty and smart. These two are strong and smart which makes this story a joy to read. I recommend this story strongly.

Water Lily

Lily designs clothes and is just happy to be at a ball where her designs are worn. But Poseidon has other ideas, is it possible that Lily has dreams even she does not know about?

This story is probably the sweetest story in the anthology. I was more in love with this story then any other in the bunch. Lily is the most unassuming of all the women, genuinely happy about everything that happens to her. If I had to recommend a story from this collection to someone who just started reading adult romance, this would be the one.


Dionysos is usually the party guy, but tonight he is here at this ball only because it is mandatory. He is bidding his time when he sees a beauty who has yet had her dream made true. Maybe the evening is not a loss after all?

Dionysos is, as his name suggests, a great party guest. And as a date there is not anyone better. Yes he is full of himself. Yes he is cocky. He is a God what did you expect? He is also sweet and kind. A real mixed bag that guy. A bag worth exploring more closely.

This book is fabulous. It has charm, heat and humor all tied together in a neat 114-page package. This book is amazing. The gods are god-like and the party they throw rocks. This book sparkles. I loved this book and will be waiting for all of the others that will be coming out. I think I will camp out on the website waiting for other collections in this series.

Mary E
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



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