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ISBN # 978-1-60310-132-5
November 2007
Red Sage Publishing
48 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Lord Raelen is the Master of the Elements and every hundred years he must take a virgin to rejuvenate for without them him he will grow older. He needs to do this in order to control things like the weather in order for the people to live without hardship.

Elsbeth volunteers to be a sacrifice to Lord Raelen and to give him whatever he asks in order to let her people to live a life without hardship. What she does not anticipate is falling in love with this man who treats her like queen, not as a sacrifice.

Raelen has taken the innocence away from Elsbeth, and now he feels something he has never felt before. He is in love with her. Elsbeth has learned what it is to be loved and she does not want to let that feeling go away. The thing is, it might not work out well for everyone involved. How can an immortal and a mortal have a future together?

Master of Elements is a tale of sacrifice and selflessness. The characters tell you their story quickly and straight to the point. The book is full of Passion and Romance that keeps the reader entertained throughout. Ms. Gaines has written another great story.

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