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ISBN# 0-373-26576-X
September 2006
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
$5.99 U.S./$6.99 Canada
268 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Radio station co-anchor Cassie Ferris works hard, but working next to Roger ‘Wonderful’ Weber can be a constant pain in the derrière. Until one morning, Roger is no more.

Roger Weber was the kind of guy that people did not like being around, yet when he and Cassie were mixing words on the radio show everyone seemed to enjoy the segment. Cassie is so tired of men being jerks and Roger is no exception. The man is a complete snake in the grass, especially when he is not on the air. Arrogant and undignified, he enjoys getting people’s goats, so to speak. When he visits a new hot spot video dating club, the next morning Roger is dead.

Sergeant Wayne Root, from the Austin Police Department, is assigned to the case and finds out a lot more about Cassie than he imagined. The police wonder if Roger's death was caused by an accidental suicide with an overdose of prescription drugs or a contaminated canapé. Either way, it is a case that must be solved. Sergeant Root arrives at Cassie’s home to urge her to give any information on Roger that might move along the case faster, even if she knows some facts about her friends that might further the investigation. After the police learn some information about her and her daughter, after Roger had upset them, she is surprised that they think she could be a suspect in his death. Sure, they had some inopportune moments but not to the point where she would murder anyone. And when her teenage daughter is questioned, she feels that is drawing the line. It is up to Cassie to clear anything that could be used against her when she is innocent. She is certain whoever wanted Roger out of the picture could possibly wish her gone, too. Now she must work night and day to find the killer before her life is next. And when Wayne decides to work with her, things intensify between them in a way she might have to rethink her thoughts on trusting men.

Mauve & Murder is a fascinating read. I enjoyed Cassie’s character tremendously and when Wayne entered the picture, it was like lightning striking. I loved reading how she felt the hot electricity sensation whenever he was around her. The well-rounded secondary characters spin off a great read that keeps the reader intrigued until the end. Ms. Smith blends a wonderful blend of stimulating characters, a well-written plot and excitement to keep the reader guessing along the way. Her flare for writing kept this reader interested. This is one book that I enjoyed with stunning dialogue and a cast that makes it breath life in the pages.

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