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ISBN# 1-59836-331-X
July 2006
Titan Press
$ 6.98
236 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Devin McCudahy has worked hard to get where he is. As a contractor, he has just landed a huge project with a prestigious developer. Coming from a large Irish family, his siblings all have spouses and children, so Devin is in no rush to find love.

Caroline Riggs, daughter of Devin’s boss, does not belong on a construction worksite, or so Devin and his crew think. Assigned to shadow Devin on the job, the beautiful Caroline is an invariable temptation to Devin as well as a never-ending nuisance with her constant ideas to improve on his designs.

Devin and Caroline are from two very different backgrounds, yet something is drawing them together. They usually end up either arguing or kissing. Neither knows if they can trust the other until it is almost too late.

This is no simple romance novel. Ms. Johnson has created a heartwarming story with a touch of suspense. This book was beautifully written with unforgettable characters and deep emotions. It was pure delight to read such an amusing and intelligent dialogue between the characters. A fun ride to a very satisfying end.

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