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The McKetterick Series

Book 1 - High Country Bride
Book 2 - Shotgun Bride
Book 3 - Secondhand Bride
McKettrick's Choice
Sierra's Homecoming
McKettrick's Luck
McKettrick's Pride
McKettrick's Heart
The McKettrick Way
A McKettrick Christmas
McKettricks of Texas: Tate
McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
Book 13: McKettrick’s of Texas: Austin
Book 14: A Lawman's Christmas

ISBN (10) 0373771908/ (13) 978373771905
March 2007
Harlequin Books
3010 Walden Avenue, P.O. Box 1325, Buffalo, NY 14269
367 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Echo Wells is a free spirit. In her hot pink VW she has bravely left her comfortable, yet unhappy life in Chicago behind, moving to Arizona and opening a bookstore, picking up a stray dog along the way. She discovers the intimacies of small town life and her growing feelings for one Rance McKettrick.

All work and no play is Rance McKettrick’s motto. Since he could remember, he has been dedicated to making the family business McketrickCo grow. Now widowed, with two small girls to raise, he knows something is missing, but cannot quite put his finger on what that may be.

Echo does not intend to fall in love, having been burnt once already. Rance does not think he is ready to move on. Both need to leave the past behind and take a leap into the unknown. With the help of his two daughters, a dog and Rance’s matchmaking mother-in-law, will the couple find their way or will their newfound feelings choke on McKettrick’s pride before they have a chance to bloom?

I loved this book from start to finish. I read it in one sitting. Echo and Rance are adorable, the cast of secondary characters and the depiction of small town hospitality were a delight to read. I was rooting for Echo and Rance to find their way free from the wounds of the past and embrace love. Ms. Miller has penned a winner here. I am heading to the bookstore to pick up the first in this series and eagerly awaiting the third!

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