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ISBN#: 978-0-9818905-4-8
August 4, 2008
Lyrical Press
261 Pages
Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Rating: 4 Cups

Larue Donavan is a psychic, medium and ghost buster. It was on a whim three years ago that sent her in the direction of probing for ghosts. One ghostly image that attaches to her, offering to help find her a husband, is that of President Lincoln.

Callahan Weiss is the new owner of the Full Cup Coffeehouse. He never imagined moving to a new town would create such a loud outcry of witchcraft mania.

Larue tries to help terrified people get over their fear. In the day time she works in a bookstore. She loves to pursue the unknown and help them to move into the light. When a new coffee shop owner opens up a shop next door, pursing the gorgeous owner is something right up Larue’s ally until evil Brianna decides to set her sights on the handsome man. Good friend, Mindy suggests Larue keep an eye on Brianna, the fashion-clothing boutique owner, and make sure she is not using witchcraft to allow Callahan to become infatuated with her. The girls have a time in keeping low-key to see just what Brianna is up to. Larue desperately wants Callahan in her life but does she have the power to make him love her?

I want to say I love the cover to this book. There was something about it that was quite intriguing, and once I started reading Me and My Ghoulfriends, it was hard to put down. The relationship that Larue and Mindy share is witty and charming, especially when they put the gloves on to tackle Brianna. Rose Pressey spins a delightful tale with misfits and romance that makes me cheer loudly. I love the premise of President Lincoln tagging along with Larue. Callahan in the middle of all the events make this read incredibly scrumptious.

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