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ISBN: 1-4199-0486-8
January 2006
Cerridwen Press
132 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Courtney Ann Devons won a vacation at the Heart Inn Resort in the Rocky Mountains. Just the thought of taking a trip thrills her, until she realizes a husband must accompany her. Single and never married, if she wishes to take this retreat, she must comply with their terms.

Morgan Lucas has always had a desire for Courtney, often times thinking of her as a kid sister. He stood in the backdrop keeping his feelings intact. After she proposes for him to be a make-believe husband for a trip, he is surprised. He hopes this escape will allow him to admit his true feelings.

Courtney must choose a husband quickly if she wishes to take this vacation, but who to play the part? She could ask Stan, but he might wish something more romantic and that was out of the question. Finally, she decides on her best friend from high school who had placed a spider in her lunch box, Morgan. Neither knew the sparks that would ignite in their hearts years later. Morgan is fascinated to tag along. With each passing day he learns more about her as his heart heats like a blazing inferno. Now he has to gather enough courage to show her he wants her in his life, and not just as make-believe.

Meant To Be is a very charming read. The characters exhibit great chemistry, wonderful banter, and believability that dances on the pages. The secondary characters blend in well, making a great addition to an enchanting book that shines. Ms. Agnew takes a long awaited love between two characters and fashions it into a charismatic tale that will make the reader laugh, be touched, and keep fingers and toes crossed for a very happy ending.

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