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ISBN#: 978-1-897559-00-0
May 2008
Eternal Press
350 Pages
Womens Fiction
Ratings: 3 Cups

Meg, Iris, and Val are the best of friends growing up. They were even born on the same day; St. Patrick’s Day. Every year they meet at Prince’s bridge on St. Patrick’s Day to continue the tradition started by their fathers.

Ken, Michael, and Peter are the men in their lives. Life was seemingly perfect for the six Australians, until one of them betrays another. When their country enters World War II, the men join up and the women all deal differently with their husbands away and the tragedy that befalls them.

Meg, Iris, and Val are all very different. Val is outgoing and beautiful and works as a model. Iris is very religious and marries young, and Meg is sweet. They were always friends, but really bonded after losing their fathers in a terrible accident. They finally confront the man responsible for the deaths of their fathers and end up telling him their harrowing stories of life, love, betrayal, death, and renewal.

Meeting at Prince’s Bridge is a well-crafted novel. The reader can easily become invested in the lives of these six characters. It reads almost like a soap opera until the war begins, and then the reader can experience some fighting on the frontlines. The romantic scenes are emotional and loving. Bruce Cooke has created a story full of joy, sorrow, heartbreak, celebrations, and love.

Warning: This title contains one semi-violent rape scene.

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